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How do we share our knowledge of historic places?

January 14, 2010

How do scholars, activists, tourists, neighbors, city planners, and preservationists find and share information about historic places in their communities, in their cities, and in their regions? How do they identify relationships between places or understand the context within such places were constructed, occupied, or even destroyed? In most cases, anyone interested in these questions […]

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Digital Resources Outside the System!

January 14, 2010

In my day job at the Ohio Historical Society I spend a lot of time working with online collections systems (primarily CONTENTdm). However, most of these systems come “pre-staged” with a particular look and feel and set of behaviors. These days, we want the ability to work with our digital treasures outside of their prefabricated […]

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MacGyver-ing History: building online community history with only the tools available

January 14, 2010

I’d like to to talk about building an online local history collection of audio and video interviews, photos, written narratives, recipes, records, etc. What is doable when there’s lots of interest but no budget or time, tech resources and skills are limited, and people are geographically dispersed?

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Museums Online (small museums that is)

December 21, 2009

Hello! I am the Museum Education and Tour Coordinator at the Oberlin Heritage Center.  We are a small historical society / museum in Oberlin, OH and we just a launched a new website.  I have three big questions I’ll be asking at THATcamp:  1.  How can a small musuem/archive such as ours connect with educators […]

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